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Investing Newsletter - Jul 2013

  • The division of one’s investment portfolio between stocks, bonds, cash and other essay writing services asset classes is one of the most important decisions an investor has to make.

  • Once this decision is made it is absolutely critical not to make an emotional decision to change it due to fear or greed.

  • Asset class investment returns historically revert to the mean.

  • Investors often chase outperforming investments and flee underperforming ones.

  • US Stocks significantly outperformed international developed and international emerging stocks as well as bonds and other more conservative hybrid investments.

  • Investors may be tempted to sell underperforming investments and buy US stocks.

  • By sticking to a disciplined rebalancing strategy, investors can resist the temptation to chase top performing investments and flee underperforming ones.

  • High quality first trust deed investments reduce interest rate risk and increase yield relative to high quality US bonds.

  • The correction in emerging market bonds presents an opportunity to extend maturities and obtain higher yields.

Investing Newsletter - Jul 2013